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A quirky sitcom about personal beliefs
currently in development.

Catherine is a Wiccan witch. Her husband Julian is a Methodist Minister. See the problem?

"Bats in the Belfry" is a warm and quirky television comedy series that pokes a witty stick into woes and worries of a Pagan witch in suburban England, a society that grapples with the need to be seen as 'multi-faith' with neither any understanding of what that actually means, or any real desire to see it happen!

Secrets and superstition. The need to be true to oneself but live up to the expectations of others.

At it's heart, it's a story of the relationship between an unusual (and supposedly incompatible) man and wife.

7 X 27 minute episodes.

First series outline
plus full pilot (episode 1) script available.

Written by Allin Kempthorne and Pamela Kempthorne, the writing team behind the cult comedy feature film "The Vampires of Bloody Island", we are script developing and will be looking to work in collaboration with an established television comedy producer.

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