Corpse Nocturna - Kicking and screaming from the firey depths of Hell come Corpse Nocturna, making the devil's own music for the devil's own people.

Formed from the bones and ashes of four dead sinners, and breathed with life from the pungent breath of the Dark Master, Corpse Nocturna are the best dead band to never perform live.

Corpse Nocturna's track "Truth and Salvation" makes an excellent addition to the soundtrack of the film "The Vampires of Bloody Island", marking a turn towards the public recognition that these four skeletal warriors so richly deserve.

All hail the undead. All hail the spawn of Satan. All hail the mighty Corpse Nocturna!

"The Vampires of Bloody Island soundtrack seriously rocks! Everyone who calls themselves a Goth NEEDS to own this film!"
Vampire Film News

"A kick ass soundtrack!"
Fortean Times

"In respect of the soundtrack, Wow!" Taliesin Vampire Blog

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