[f.e.v.e.r.] - In 1999, following several years of collaboration in various groups, Luís Lamelas (guitar, sound manipulation) and João Queirós (keyboards, sampling and programming) decided to unite efforts in a new project – [f.e.v.e.r.]. With guesting musicians, three songs – 'Do You Breed Summer?', 'This Is Disease' and 'This Easy' were finished and taken for recording into the studios with Moonspell’s Pedro Paixão as producer.

Their second EP – 'Iconflict' featured the song 'Heaven Dividing Heaven', the video of which received significant air-play on Portugal's Sol Música TV channel. This track is one of several [f.e.v.e.r.] tracks included in "The Vampires of Bloody Island"

The band performed as support act for Finnish rockers HIM in Coliseu do Porto and Coliseu de Lisboa, for over 6000 people. The group also appears in a tribute record to The Cure – 'Our Voices'– released in Germany by Equinoxe Records with a version of 'Disintegration'. The record reached the local independent Native 25 Chart and remained there for several weeks.

The current line-up is Fernando Matias (vocals), Filipe von Geier (bass), João Queirós (machines & guitars), Luís Lamelas (guitars) and Pedro Cardoso (drums).

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