Theatres des Vampires were among the first bands with a sound that the press would later come to call Vampiric Metal. Their horror and gothic attitude was associated to an almost maniacal search of everything connected to vampirism.

With a strong coherent image a real cult was born among their fans immediately, a sort of religion, that made them follow the band everywhere and create many fans club all over the world.

Sonya Scarlet (vocals), Fabian Varesi (keyboards), Stephan Benfante (guitars), Zimon Lijoi (bass guitar) and Gabriel Valerio (drums) have created a personal style characterized by melancholic and crepuscular songs, mixing different influences of gothic, electro music, classical music, opera and rock, where the duet of countess Sonia Scarlet sensual vocals and the male vocals, melt them together in a sepulchral wedding.

Playing many big festivals all over the world such as Vampyria III in London in 1999, Gods of Metal in Italy in 2000, Gothic Treffen in Lipsia in 2003 and 2006, Gotham in London in 2004, Metal Female Voices Festival in Belgium in 2006, their shows are always very well attended and highly controversial, theatrical, full of blood, sex, perversion, horror and lust. In 2003 in Italy a bishop blessed and tried to exorcize the place where Theatres des Vampires played, the story being picked up by the Italian newspapers.

The band has produced 6 albums in 10 years, always with the big English label Plastic Head, and has become more famous each year in Europe, South America and Russia. With a new album 'Desire of Damnation' and the inclusion of two of their songs in the soundtrack to "The Vampires of Bloody Island", the band are ready for a new era in vampirism.

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