Vampire Division is a side project by Tony McKormack who is also the guitarist from INKUBUS SUKKUBUS and SCREAMING DEAD.

Vampire Division formed in December 2003, the Band line up consisted of : Tony McKormack - Vocals Gregg Holland - Guitar and Vocals Dean Rhodes - Bass The band played two gigs but split in May 2004.

Tony McKormack recorded an album for the band entitled "Phoenix Rise Higher", the title track reaches number 1 in the Rock charts, and maintained this position for almost three weeks.

After the band split they removed all of their tracks from and closed down their web site, however due to several hundred e-mails asking for the tracks to be made re-available , Tony McKormack has re-launched the Vampire division site.

Vampire division currently has at least 100 tracks downloaded every day.

His track "Place of the Dead" is the title track to the film The Vampires of Bloody Island, on which he also has several other songs.

"The Vampires of Bloody Island soundtrack seriously rocks! Everyone who calls themselves a Goth NEEDS to own this film!"
Vampire Film News

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