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Hey You! Want to hire our coffin?

The band Saint The Sinner hired our coffin for one of their music videos.

Actress Helen Kennedy gets her make up checked for her funeral scene in our coffin for the film 'Mind Maze'.

Actor Allin Kempthorne with the coffin as an undertaker in the film 'Cockroft & Son'.

The coffin featured heavily in the film 'The Vampires of Bloody Island' as the resting place of vampiress Morticia de'Ath.

The coffin is carried down the aisle in the film 'Dead No More'.

Our famous coffin makes the news.

Behind the scenes on the film 'Dead No More'.

Yes, that's right. We have a coffin available for hire, for film shoots, stage productions, events and funerals.
- OK, well maybe not funerals!

This is the original coffin as used in our feature film The Vampires of Bloody Island and it can be yours to hire for your own project.

If you want to hire a coffin, you'll have a hard job getting one from a funeral parlour or a coffin maker. We know. We tried. It's pretty hard even to buy one, as coffins are generally sold only as part of a whole expensive funeral package. It appears there's a lot of money to be made in death!


Most coffins are surprisingly heavy. You've only got to see a group of suffering actors on a film shoot trying to carry one down a church aisle take after take after take to see they're not easy items to deal with. So ours is very light weight and portable (and therefore sadly not strong enough to take an actual body), but absolutely looks the business.

Like any regularly used film prop it's scuffed and worn in places. But unless you plan on filming it up really close the wear and tear should be no problem! We give it a good polish before every rental and find every film maker and theatre director who hires it from us is delighted with it.


We have a few other items you might like to hire at the same time. For instance we have a low sitting ornate table the coffin can rest on for funeral or wake scenes. We also have some tall free standing Gothic candleabras. And if you're doing anything in a Gothic or Vampyric style, we have various other props from our film The Vampires of Bloody Island, such as a statue bust of a vampire's head, crucifixes, swords, plus all manner of Gothic jewellery.
So It's worth speaking to us if you need something else.


It's about 5'8" long, so don't expect to be able to fit it in a car, unless you've got an estate or can get your front seat down. A small van would be best.

It can be carried very slowly and awkwardly by one person. I do it all the time. But it's a whole lot easier with two.
If you're planning on having someone lie in it and they're very tall, speak to us first. We had a very tall actress of nearly six foot tall in it for one film shoot, so she was taller than the coffin. However we were able to suggest ways of working around the size issue so the director was able to get the shots he needed.


Well that depends on how long you want it for, where you are, and whether you want us to deliver it and collect it when you're done.
It also depends on whether we currently have it in our warehouse in London or our office in Cardiff.

As a very rough guide for a one day film shoot or event you're generally looking at about a hundreda nd fifty quid. I'm happy to act as an extra, mourner or pallbearer, while also looking after the coffin on set. If you're after it for an extended period of time, say for a theatre show, then obviously I don't need to be there so we can do a deal and it can work out very cheap for you per day.

Give us a shout and we'll talk.

You can see our coffin used in the trailers for these feature films:

Dead No More:
The Vampires of Bloody Island


Simply get in touch with us at info@wibbell.co.uk and tell us what you want it for and when you want it.